Our convictions

FOS-socialist solidarity is the North–South organisation of the socialist movement in Flanders. International solidarity is more than an empty slogan for us. It is a condition for achieving a just world.

For us, this is equivalent to a fair distribution of resources. Between the poor and rich countries, but also within each country. It means an economy that adjusts to people’s needs. Not the other way around. It means respect for universal human rights. Also for the rights of women, and for labour rights.


The right to decent work

Large groups of individuals in the South don't have access to a decent job. Often jobs are unavailable or the available jobs are not decent work. Employment alone is not enough. Decent work is the key. With fulltime jobs, and formal labour rights. With social dialogue, and with a social safety net catching the ill, the elderly or the unemployed. 

The right to health

Health is both a condition for and the result of a good life. Still, in many countries healthcare continues to be a privilege of the wealthy. Basic healthcare services are difficult to access, and often lack the required medical personnel or medication.


What we do

The right to health and to decent labour are two pillars for a worthy existence, regardless of whether you live in Belgium or Zimbabwe. This is what the social struggle we fight together with our partners is all about, in the entire world.


History of FOS

International solidarity is not a new concept for the socialist movement in Belgium.


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