Our convictions

FOS-socialist solidarity is the North–South organisation of the socialist movement in Flanders. International solidarity is more than an empty slogan for us. It is a condition for achieving a just world.

For us, this is equivalent to a fair distribution of resources. Between the poor and rich countries, but also within each country. It means an economy that adjusts to people’s needs. Not the other way around. It means respect for universal human rights. Also for the rights of women, and for labour rights.

But all this is not self-evident. That is why the member organisations and social movements are so important. They represent their group interests; they make their voices heard in decision-making processes. This way, they gain power, forming a countervailing power, to enforce their interests and be heard. That is why we support organisations and movements in the South, helping them to grow.

A globalised world is entitled to having a global countervailing power. We cooperate in this by bringing together organisations and movements in the North and in the South.

We work in two areas with our partners: the right to decent work and the right to health

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